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We are an industrial dark ambient project from the oil drenched, dust coated deserts of West Texas. Check out the Bio Page for further details. 

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Convergence 23 Dallas TX May 2017

Exorcizando Eiciunt Daemonia album review


Excellent album review by Necro Productions!!

“Their latest album “Exorcizando Eiciunt Daemonia” (latin translating to “Excorsizing Demons”) is the perfect soundtrack for conjuring unholy spirits and inspiring dim and half remembered nightmares.”


New album released this week!

Earlier this week our new album “Exorcizando Eiciunt Daemonia” was released on Doomsday’s Today Records.

Cd’s, cassettes, and downloads available here: https://doomsdaystodayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/exorcizando-eiciunt-daemonia-2019

and here: https://staticofmasses.bandcamp.com

We have also made our debut album from 2016 “Enigma” available to stream

here: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/7B4rsU1iJjI5/

Free Downloads on Bandcamp

As the release date of our 3rd album approaches, We have made our debut 3 track EP from 2015 available for free download on our bandcamp page. https://staticofmasses.bandcamp.com/album/are-you-still-asleep

New Album Pre-orders Available NOW!!!

Now taking pre-orders for the new album Exorcizando Eiciunt Daemonia. Digital album and CDs can be pre-ordered now, cassettes will be added soon. This is a bleak, dark and dissonant exploration of demonic evil in it’s metaphorical, literal and mythological contexts.


Exorcizando Eiciunt Daemonia CDs arrive…

… on time for the October 31st release.

New Album Release Date!!!


  October 31st


For the release of Exorcizando Eiciunt Daemonia, the new Static of Masses album, we have teamed up with Plainview Texas based independent label Doomsday’s Today Record’s sub label Negative Demonic Frequency. We will have CDs, a limited number of cassettes, as well as downloads available. Intended release date – October 31st.

For a taste of what’s on the new album, check out this Soundcloud link.