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New Compilation Track (previously unreleased)

We have a new track out on the M.A.D. III compilation on Music Analysis Discussions Records. There are tons of great tracks on here from artists across the world. M​​​.​​​A​​​.​​​D. III by Static of Masses

Minimal Death Drone Modular Jam

A little studio action here. Working on some atmosphere layers for the next Static of Masses album. live improvisational session using several controllers to manipulate parts of the patch in realtime. Video effects added later with eurorack analog video processing.

New T-Shirts available

New T-shirts available!!!! For a limited time, we’re throwing in a free CD of your choice. If you’ve been holding out on picking up a CD, now’s your chance. With no live performances going on and susbequently no merch tables…

New Exclusive Track On Big Cypress Swamp Anthology

  The Label Big Cypress Swamp has released a new V/A anthology titled The Abyss Within, which includes an exclusive Static of Masses track, “A Thousand Prayers“. We are honored to be included among the Talented artists on this release.…