The Evolutuion of Noises

Evolution of Noises

Russolo’s “The Art of Noise”
may have been an unknowing manifesto for what became Industrial music. Much happened in the world of music between 1913 and the late 60’s. Here we now stand almost 20 years into the new century and the evolution of what was pioneered 35, 40, 50 plus years ago by the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Tangerine Dream, Stockhausen, Cage, Z’ev, Coil, Skinny Puppy, Rice etc. etc. has ultimately become “…dripping with boredom stemming from familiarity…” to borrow from Russulo’s writing. It seems to me, the audiences have become content with the same tired old oontz oontz, 303 bass, metallic percussion, distorted voice etc. that was fresh all those years ago. Where do we go from here as composers with all of our fancy technology? Any attempts to go way off the chart are met with complete lack of interest. What is next for “Experimental” music besides everything that has already been done? I love TG and SP and all of the great pioneering efforts of SPK and Lustmord, Merzbow, and Test Dept. However, It has become stagnant and it is time to evolve. I don’t know the answers. I have re-read “The Art of Noise” and it has inspired this line of thinking and I want myself and other composers and listeners to take Russolo’s challenge into the next decade and hear what we can come up with.
  • Greg Watkins – 08, July, 2019